Training Is A Critical Piece Of The Puzzle For Success

No One Gets Better Without Training

Every single professional athlete has a coach who trains them to better, they understand that training is a necessary part of the job. The same goes for your restaurant employees, how can you expect them to perform better if they don't receive proper training?

Do you provide frequent training for your employees? If the answer is no, you're missing out on a big opportunity to help your employees grow.

Who has ever gotten better at anything by not training and being coached? The answer is no one has because you simply cannot get better without training. Training is the critical piece to the puzzle that you're missing, it is necessary for improvement among your employees.

When you have little or no training at your restaurant for your employees, how do you expect them to advance if they've never been taught what to do? It isn't fair to your employees because you haven't properly coached them and given them benchmarks to hit.

Do You Provide Your Employees With Goals?

How are your employees supposed to know if they're doing a good job if they don't have goals to reach? It's incredibly hard for your employees to know how they're performing when they don't know what is expected of them, they need to have expectations that need to be met so that they can be held accountable.

As the owner, you're responsible for being your employees' coach. The problem is that most owners are coaching while they're employees are in the game, this means that you're interrupting your employees while they're working. This disrupts their workflow because they're interrupted and told about all of the things they've done wrong.

Stopping employees while they're in the middle of working isn't an effective way to coach them because it gets them out of their rhythm. If you tell them all of the things they messed up while they're in the middle of their shift, it will decrease their morale immensely. Lower morale leads to disengagement among employees, and this results in a poor culture at your restaurant.

Become The Ultimate Coach

Hoptix720 is the ultimate tool to use to use for coaching in your restaurant. First and foremost, hoptix720 is to be used positively with your employees. You can use the video clips for teaching moments with your employees by pointing out areas for improvement.

When there is no ill intent involved, this is when positive coaching has to be done. You educate your employees on what went wrong, explain how to address similar situations moving forward, and empower them with confidence and knowledge to handle these situations in the future.

When you empower your staff, you give them the confidence to totally crush it while they're on the clock. You begin to hold your employees accountable as time goes on, and what you'll start to notice is that they're owning their tasks more. As a team, your staff becomes ultimately stronger and the culture evolves as well.

Your staff will appreciate the coaching and recognition that they'll receive, and they'll become more engaged at work. The word will get among other employees in the restaurant industry of how awesome it is to work at your restaurant, and top talent will want to work for you because of the culture you cultivated.

You'll become an employer of choice, and this is the first step toward becoming a restaurant of choice.

The Power Of Positive Reinforcement

Hoptix720 is a tool to use for positive coaching and training. There's no athlete that doesn't have a coach who is constantly letting them know how they can improve while also praising them when they did a good job. You'll become your employees' source of positive reinforcement to encourage your employees to always progress.

Your employees should feel good about the training, praise, and recognition that they're receiving. Isn't it time you fill in the missing piece of the puzzle?