The Power of Big Data

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

Restaurant owners are used to judging how their restaurant has performed based off of "feel" instead of "fact" because restaurant owners have never before had a way to quantify their speeds of service.

The ability to measure customer service is completely revolutionizing the industry. Hoptix720 is giving owners the power of visibility with the use of video data analytics.

They can now make decisions based off of "fact" because they'll receive visual analytic reports that are created from the video data about their customer service quality and speed. Big data is powerful because it provides you with a wealth of information about your restaurant and your staff performance. What we know is that you can't improve without measuring.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

Data is important for restaurant owners because it pinpoints areas where their staff is succeeding, and it also points out areas where their pitfalls lie. Without measuring, owners would never be able to identify those pitfalls and be able to back it up with factual evidence.

Hoptix720 helps restaurant owners quantify several speeds of service which are crucial to the success of their business:

  • time to greet customer at the door
  • time to acknowledge customer at bar
  • time for server to get to table after the host seats them
  • time for hot plate to get off pass
  • time for table to get drinks after they sit
  • time for table to be turned over

In order for owners to measure their speeds of service, we have to install our state of the art video system and software. The next step is training the owners on how to operate the easy to use software platform so that they can observe and analyze the data provided to them that is critical to their restaurant.

What sets apart our system is that the software converts the video data into actionable insights. Ralph DiTucci, the Founder and CEO of Good Deed Hospitality and Bar Mecca, believes that using big data is the key to improving your operations so that you can become more successful.

He's a firm believer that "when you want to improve or implement strategies, video data and statistical analysis makes it pretty easy to become more consistent in delivering a top-quality guest experience".

Big data empower restaurant owners to make more informed decisions. When they have better information they can coach their employees to perform at a higher level. Employees that perform at higher levels provide a better guest experience that will keep customers coming back for more.