The Hospitality Industry is Ready for a Revolution

Hospitality is On the Decline

We know that the market is oversaturated with restaurants for customers to choose from, and we also know that customer service is on the decline. Hospitality isn't what it used to be, there is less emphasis on providing a 5-star experience for customers. It's not enough for a restaurant to have great food, that can easily be replicated along with price. It's very difficult to replicate high-quality customer service.

"Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price."- Lauren Freedman

With so many customers, why aren't restaurants focusing on hospitality? Why isn't providing 5-star service their main objective?

Why Hospitality is Important

Any business that interacts with customers needs to be concerned with providing stellar hospitality. Customer service is what will either win customers over or it will deter them from ever coming back. When customers are delighted with the experience they've had, they're going to return because they want to enjoy that same experience over again. Happy customers turn into loyal customers, these are the people who line up at your door and do repeat business. They're your biggest brand advocates, and they recommend their friends try out your restaurant.

One negative experience is all it takes to get customers to never return. When customers feel like they aren't valued, they're going to go to a different restaurant where they'll feel appreciated.

After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again

It's very easy to lose customers and very hard to retain them. Losing customers hurts your bottom line and reputation, so providing inadequate hospitality is something that restaurants can't afford to do.

How Can You Revolutionize Your Hospitality Efforts?

There's the old saying, "where your attention goes, your energy flows". If you make it a priority to focus on your hospitality efforts, you'll notice that your employees will be exerting more energy into providing a better customer experience. What we know is that you can't get better at something without measuring it, and many restaurants aren't measuring their speeds and quality of service. This means that they don't have a way to quantify their customer service which is directly tied to hospitality. Hospitality is what converts first-time customers into loyal customers.

How can you get better at anything if you don't measure it? You can't improve unless you know where your pitfalls lie. Hoptix720 has completely revolutionized the restaurant and hospitality industry because we're offering restaurant owners the power of observation. Owners that take advantage of measuring their customer service quality and speeds are going to be ahead of the game, it gives them an advantage over their competition.

The Power of Observation Can Elevate Your Hospitality Game

Restaurant owners haven't been able to quantify their speeds of service until now. Hoptix720 uses video and data analytics to help owners measure their customer service speeds and quality. The video data collected is extracted and translated into visual analytic reports so that owners can understand their speeds of service better. This makes it much easier to see what specific services need to be improved upon so that your hospitality game is at its best. Below are just a few of the features included with hoptix720.

Unacknowledged Guest Tracking- with this feature, you can:
  • eliminate missed sales
  • ensure best hospitality practices are being followed
  • identify training opportunities by being alerted if guests are waiting too long
Hot Plate Timer- with this feature you can:
  • discover how long it takes to sell more hot food
  • eliminate customer complaints by selling food at its peak condition
  • decrease food waste and returned plates
Speed & Quality Monitoring- with this feature you can:
  • get detailed reports sent directly to your inbox
  • identify underperforming areas for your staff
  • know how you stack up against the competition and set goals with this industry baseline data

Restaurant owners who want to stay ahead of the game and be leaders in the industry are those who focus on hospitality, "where your attention goes, your energy flows". The power of observation is what hoptix720 gives restaurant owners, and this is priceless because it gives them valuable insights as to how they can improve their customer service which impacts their hospitality efforts.