The #1 Key To Providing 5-Star Customer Service

The restaurant industry is over-saturated. Customers can find a multitude of restaurants to choose from all on the same block. What is going to entice customers to go to one place over another?

Customer service is the #1 brand differentiator. It’s what makes a big difference when people are weighing their options for where to dine. When people think about the restaurants that are in their frequent rotation, the one thing that those restaurants have in common is 5-star customer service.

The top 10% of the top 200 restaurant chains that the National Restaurant Association looked at have crushed their sales compared to the rest of the pack.  The question is, how are they doing that?

The answer is they’re providing 5-star customer service on a consistent basis. These restaurants understand the importance of providing stellar customer service every single time that people walk through the door.

Customers will always remember how you made them feel, they won’t forget that. This is why it’s so important to make a great first impression. Restaurants can cultivate a sense of customer loyalty by creating 5-star experiences for guests.

People are going to return to those restaurants where they had a positive experience, and these people turn into brand advocates. These are the people who are going to come back more frequently, spend more money, and recommend the restaurant to others.