Shift Your Focus From Theft Prevention To Customer Service

When most people think of video surveillance, they associate it with security and loss prevention. Those are valid aspects to think about, but how does focusing on these items help you build sales?The old mentality is that employees have ill intent, and that is why video surveillance needs to be implemented.  

What we’ve discovered here at hoptix720 is that the biggest area that has the largest impact on restaurants’ bottom line is customer service. We’re not discrediting the fact that theft happens and is a problem that restaurants endure, but where you stand to make the biggest dent is by getting more customer through the door.

When you have more customers walking through the door, more of your seats are being filled. This means that fewer customers are eating at competing restaurants. Hoptix720 uses video, but it is used as a positive tool. We use video verification for training opportunities to help your employees continuously improve upon their speeds and quality of customer service.

The video portion of hoptix720 isn’t used to necessarily be “big brother”, but rather it’s used to provide positive reinforcement for your employees. As the owner, you’re essentially a coach for your employees.  You can use the video analytics collected to train, praise, and recognize your employees for their hard work.

As you start to get more comfortable using the system and implementing it, you’ll notice your staff’s improvements in their speeds and quality of customer service.

Better customer service will be provided, and guests will receive 5-star experience on a more consistent basis. This is the key to retaining your existing customer base. It’s never too late to shift your focus from theft prevention to customer service. We’re here to help you, are you ready to make the change?