Revolutionize the Way You Use Video Surveillance

Taking Video Surveillance Up a Notch

As a restaurant owner, you face many issues day in and day out. You use video surveillance for security purposes, but what if you were able to use your video footage to find and solve problems that impact your day to day operations?

What if we could tell you that it's possible to link your video footage with data analytics? Your video surveillance becomes even more valuable when you're able to use it in combination with data about your transactions and customer service. Smarter business decisions can be made when you have the visual and analytics aspect at your fingertips because you can make decisions based off of facts.

Have More Visibility

When you combine your video surveillance with data analytics, you now have more visibility into all actions within your restaurant. It becomes much easier to identify the major pain points that you encounter in your daily operations.

Having more visibility means that you're able to see things as they're happening in real time. You can see every transaction that comes through along with how your employees handled these transactions. If you have multiple locations that you manage, you can easily see what's happening at each of them with our Multi-Site Command Center. With this feature, you can:

  1. Compare critical behavioral data across multiple venues
  2. Identify more training opportunities quickly and easily for locations needing more nurturing
  3. Save time and payroll costs
  4. Quickly measure and create performance baselines for your team

You can save time on traveling from location to location by checking in our your team's past and present performance using this feature.

Get Additional Value Out of Your System

Your system now serves multiple purposes with hoptix720- it acts as a layer of security with the video surveillance, but it also allows you to extract important data from your POS along with helping you understand your customer service.


Monitor activity at your restaurant with your video footage along with making sure that no unusual activity is occurring.


Easily see how your employees are performing with the video surveillance. The data analytics provide you deeper insights into how consistent their speeds of service are, it provides that additional layer of visibility.

Loss Prevention

Using data analytics in combination with video footage gives you an even smarter approach to monitoring your loss prevention. You can easily bring up a specific transaction that happened at a certain location to investigate a particular situation that occurred.

Use Video Surveillance to its Full Potential

Video surveillance can be used for security purposes, but it can be used for much more. When you use it in combination with data analytics you have additional visibility into how your restaurant is operating. You can use it to monitor your restaurant's loss prevention, but you can also monitor your customer service provided.

What sets hoptix720 apart from other systems is that we use both video data and analytics to increase your revenue at your restaurant. We install security cameras into your restaurant, and our system extracts video data about your customer service quality and speed. This information is then translated into visual analytical reports. This information ultimately helps you improve the profitability of your business.

If you want to improve your day to day operations at your restaurant, video data and statistical analysis make it easy to become more consistent in delivering top-quality customer service.