How Much Money Are You Leaving On The Table?

As a restaurant owner, you probably know you fixed and variable costs. You’re aware of these costs and allocate for them in your budget. The real question is though, are you aware of how much money you’re leaving on the table?

Restaurants are already operating on razor thin margins, and they’re losing thousands of dollars when they can’t retain their existing customer base.  

Unfortunately, most restaurant owners don’t have a way to measure other items that make a significant impact on their bottom line. These items add up though and can be incredibly costly for restaurant owners.

When you’re vying for the same customer base as your competitors, it’s incredibly important that you provide a 5-star guest experience.

All it takes is one negative experience to deter people from returning. Failing to retain your existing customer base means that more money is spent on acquiring new customers. With the acquisition cost of new customers being so high, can you really afford to have customers never return?

Hoptix720 provides restaurant owners with a free performance analysis to help them identify areas for improvement. We can help you recognize your pitfalls and provide you with quantitative data about the experience your guests are receiving. This data helps you understand how much money you’re currently leaving on the table, and we can help you revolutionize your operations.