Here's the Secret to Running Your Restaurant

Are you being as effective as you could be?

A majority of restaurant owners just like you aren't measuring their customer service. There has never before been a way to quantify customer service, it has always been owners making decisions based off of their "gut feelings".

The problem with not measuring your levels of service is that you fail to see where your pitfalls lie, you don't have the ability to understand the areas of growth for your business which leads you to making decisions based upon "feel" versus "real".

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it."

You can’t get better if you don’t have a clear starting point, it’s like you’re running your restaurant blind. We talk about big data, and for customer service, there’s never been big data before. It’s always been "feel" versus "real".

How are you supposed to improve running your restaurant more effectively if you don't even know where your customer service currently stands? Successful restaurant owners understand the importance of quantifying their services, they see the value that lies within measuring. Measuring your customer service is the key to running your restaurant effectively and efficiently.

The Unknown Makes You Vulnerable

Measuring your customer service with video and data analytics allows you to visually see the areas of complaints that your customers experience. It's important to see where your pitfalls lie because your customers' perceptions are your reality.

"96% of unhappy customers won't complain & 91% of those customers will never return."

If your customers won't complain and you don't measure your customer service, how are you going to identify the your customers' pain points while they dine at your restaurant?

When you don't quantify your customer service, it's like you're a pilot flying a plane without looking at your gauges. Customer service is going to be the number one brand differentiator, without measuring your customer service, how are you supposed to leverage it?

Look At Your Gauges, Don't Fly Blind

Measuring is important because it allows you to get a better view of the picture of running your restaurant. When you're

"By 2019, 50% of companies will be implementing a formal business model focused on customer service."

Your competition will be measuring their services and collecting data which will help them understand the areas that provide the most room for growth. They'll be ahead of the game because they have data to help them make smarter business decisions to improve their success.

You have to ask yourself, “how much of an impact does customer service have on the success of my restaurant?”. Your customers won’t love you if your customer service is subpar, but your competitors definitely will.

Quantifying Customer Service Isn't as Hard As You Might Think

In our 15 years of experience in the restaurant, security, and staffing industry, we’ve discovered the need for being able to quantify customer service.

This is why we developed hoptix720, we wanted to develop a system to enable restaurant owners to deliver 5-star customer service through revolutionary data and analytics. It combines our passions of video surveillance and serving the restaurant industry into one, the power of observation is ingrained into who we are.

Hoptix720 provides both video and data analytics to help restaurant owners measure their service. The greatest asset for successful restaurant owners is data; data permits them to make more informed decisions that are based upon “fact” instead of “feel”.

Reap the Benefits of Measuring

Hoptix720 does the work for you, it extracts the data so that you can measure your customer service quality and speed. This in combination with visual analytic reports created from this data is the ultimate one - two punch to help you break through the issues of quantifying your service.

Once you start quantifying your service, you’ll start to understand the power of measuring. Isn’t it time you step up your game?

"The way to put a winning team together is based on statistics." - Billy Beane

Restaurant owners that use hoptix720 have crucial pieces of data for them to reference to help them run their restaurants more efficiently. Hoptix720 is the only system on the market that enables restaurants and bars to deliver 5-star customer service through revolutionary video data and analytics.

Statistics help you understand where your pitfalls lie, and they help you identify the areas that you need to provide additional training for your employees. You can use the video footage to train employees, this will be incredibly beneficial for them since video is the number one coaching tool.

Once they're trained, you will see improvements in your customer service over time through the reports your receive. Now that you're measuring your services, you can praise your employees for the improvements they've made.

Once you start to praise and recognize, you’ve now changed the whole culture of the business where you’re centered around helping your employees. You're now becoming an employer of choice, and this is the first step toward becoming a restaurant of choice.