Everything You Need To Know About Smarter Insights

Smarter Insights Have Never Been Easier to Achieve

Restaurant owners have never had an affordable and easy way to monitor their restaurants before, they have been making decisions based upon "feel" instead of "real" because they haven't had a tool to help them gauge their operations.

The problem with not having a gauge to help them run their restaurant is that they're blind to pitfalls along with opportunities for major growth. Some restaurant owners have security cameras installed, but video surveillance isn't as impactful without corresponding data analytics.

If restaurant owners want to improve their operations, video data and statistical analysis make it easy because they provide insights as to how owners can become more consistent in delivering a top quality guest experience.

The Ultimate Combination

Owners can monitor their restaurants using video surveillance, but they can be provided peace of mind by combining it with data analytics.

Hoptix720 integrates the video aspect with your POS system and this helps restaurant owners have a 360-degree view of what is happening in their restaurant. Restaurant owners can receive visual analytical reports right to their phones to help them assess their operations. Here are just a few of the reports:

  • Unacknowledged guest
  • Customer counting analytics
  • POS alerts with video link

Unacknowledged Guest Tracking

This feature is incredibly beneficial to owners. Here are some of the benefits to using this feature:

  • Eliminate missed sales opportunities to potential customers
  • Ensure best hospitality practices are being used
  • Identify training opportunities by being alerted if guests are left waiting too long

Restaurant owners will get real-time mobile alerts and analytics when a guest is left waiting too long. The video and data help owners identify coaching opportunities to provide 5 star customer service.

Customer Counting Analytics

This feature helps owners maximize efficiency while minimizing loss. With this feature, customer counting analytics are turned into actionable analytics. Real-time counts of actual "heads" that are coming, staying, and going are analyzed. Restaurant owners that use this feature can elevate their ability to optimize:

  • Payroll costs
  • Staffing schedules
  • Cost of goods

Real-time data owners wish they always had for traffic is now accessible. They can see the footage of their customers to see the volume of customers at their restaurant, and the data shows them when peak times are which helps them staff their restaurant better. The video footage in combination with the data analytics helps owners better understand guest traffic patterns.

POS Alerts With A Video Link

Restaurant owners can save time by correlating their POS data with video footage along with being able to identify process and behavior training opportunities by quickly tying visuals to transactional data. Here are some benefits to using this feature:

  • Minimize losses at the point of sale
  • Receive immediate visual POS alerts anytime a red flag is noted
  • Maximize top and bottom lines

Their POS data is tied to the appropriate video footage to help owners quickly identify, define, and solve problems. This will ultimately help make the restaurant more profitable.

Now is the time for restaurant owners to start using the combination of video surveillance and data analytics. It's the ultimate combination that they can't afford not to use, there's nothing holding them back now that hoptix720 is available on the market and is affordable. It can help them make decisions based upon "facts" instead of "feel".