Do You Know Where Your Short Comings Lie?

Restaurants owners that are thought leaders are the ones who adopt new technology to help them with process improvements. They understand that in order to improve their operations, they need to have a way to measure their speeds of service.

You can expect improvement unless you have a method to quantify these aspects. You want to be able to see where your pitfalls lie and the areas that need the most improvement. Right now, restaurant owners are making decisions based upon “feel” instead of “real”.

Hoptix720 takes the guesswork out of making decisions. The data doesn’t lie. Once you have awareness of your current state of operations, it’s much easier to determine your biggest areas of improvement which can improve your bottom line.

Hoptix720 is the world’s first system designed for data-driven coaching to engage your team, retain customers, recover declining margins, and deliver on your brand promise.

We can help you with a performance analysis where we identify areas that need further development. Your speeds and quality of customer service will also be quantified so that you know how you compare to the best of the best in the industry.

You’ll be able to view our dashboards that provide you detailed reporting on your speeds and quality of service data. This is important because you’ll be able to see how you’re improving over time.

What you’ll start to notice is that over time, your staff will perform at higher levels and they’ll take complete ownership of their tasks. Their speeds and quality of service will improve and this can be tracked through the reports that are delivered to your inbox.

Optimizing your workforce and measuring their performance will lead to a better experience for your guests. Isn’t it time that you become a thought leader in your industry to help your restaurant stand apart from the intense competition?