Are You Ready For The Next Generation of Loss Prevention?

Welcome to the Revolution

The restaurant industry is experiencing a revolution with the new technology that is being incorporated to make restaurants more efficient. This technology transforms the way that restaurant owners are making decisions, it's helping them become smarter while running their businesses.

Restaurant owners have used surveillance cameras, but they've never used the cameras in combination with video and data analytics. The ability to use your cameras with corresponding data revolutionizes the way that restaurant owners can run their operations.

Get Smarter Insights

Imagine being able to link surveillance footage to customer transactions, just think about all the data that would be available at restaurant owners at their fingertips. There is nothing more powerful than real-time insights into how restaurants are operating on a daily basis, having video and data analytics to analyze provide the ultimate 1-2 punch for restaurant owners.

If restaurant owners want to elevate their game, this is the route to take.

Restaurant owners will be able to identify major pain points that they experience when they have a system that links their footage with their transactions. This combination allows provides them with insights as to what areas they're losing profits in, and this is important so owners know where improvements need to be made to increase efficiency.

The Importance of Auditing

Normally when people think of the word "auditing" they associate a negative connotation to it, but the ability for restaurant owners to audit their restaurant's operations is incredibly powerful. Reports are useful for restaurant owners because it provides them with insights into the trends of what is occurring at their restaurant.

Owners can analyze these reports to see areas that need major improvement, and this is important so that more resources can be focused on improving operations in this specific area. It also allows owners to take a deeper dive into seeing how their employees are functioning while management isn't necessarily around.

Easily Prevent Theft

Video surveillance is crucial if restaurant owners want to be able to monitor employee theft. Adding data analytics on top of video surveillance allows restaurant owners to have ultimate awareness of the activities occurring in their restaurant.

Our Enterprise Metrics Dashboard provides accurate and real-time updates on sales and attendance data. This allows restaurant owners to:

  1. Understand, measure, and increase the monetary value of every visit from a guest with data correlations between people counting analytics and POS integration
  2. Determine transaction and conversion rates per head versus per ticket
  3. Quickly and accurately identify critical training opportunities from accurate and historical data and trends

This provides restaurant owners with the ability to access performance metrics that were never before available. They can look at the list of transactions for the day and assess whether all of that money is coming into the business or if they are discrepancies. If they're noticing that the information from their POS system isn't matching up with the actual money that the business is collecting, this is a red flag that points out that theft could be occurring.

Restaurant owners will have the ultimate level of visibility to get a better view of what is happening in their restaurant, and they can identify the critical areas where employee behavior needs to be corrected immediately.

Prevent Loss by Maximizing Employee Efficient

When employees are more productive, they bring in more money for the company. More productivity leads to streamlined operations that are more efficient and effective as a whole, and this leads to more profits.

How Productive are Your Employees?

Employees can steal more than just products, they can steal the company's time. The saying is, "time is money", so when employees aren't doing their work on the clock they're essentially stealing from the profitability of the restaurant. Restaurant owners can see from the video and data analytics just how productive their employees are, and they can identify employees who aren't performing to their standards which ultimately hurts the restaurant's bottom line. Owners that have this information accessible can now make smarter staffing decisions to help them ultimately transform their restaurant.

Be a Trendsetter

The restaurant revolution is here, isn't it time to be prepared to handle it head on? Restaurant owners that want to have a competitive advantage over the rest of the market will adopt a video surveillance system that is equipped with video and data analytics. They'll be making smarter decisions that maximize their profits while decreasing their losses simultaneously. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain, one call to learn more about hoptix720 can have them at the front of the pack to lead the next generation of loss prevention for restaurants.