3 Things That Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Customers have several restaurants in their rotation, these are the restaurants that they frequent often. Customers go to these restaurants for 3 reasons:

  1. Consistency
  2. Quick customer service
  3. Enjoyable atmosphere

Consistency is crucial, customers want to know that they’re going to have a great experience every single time that they choose to dine at a restaurant. Loyal customers tend to come back to your restaurant more frequently, and they tend to spend more money on their checks. Did you know that it’s easier to sell to existing customers (60-70%) compared to selling to new customers (5-20%)?

When your employees deliver a consistent experience to your customers, it can increase the value of those customers over time. This, in turn, increases the amount of money you’re bringing in. Customers want to be acknowledged the minute that they walk through the door. It might seem like it’s a “no-brainer”, but acknowledgment goes a long way with customers.

If the first interaction they have with your staff is negative, it sets the stage for a bad customer experience. It’s important to fill up your customers’ value buckets, and greeting them in a timely manner is a great first step to doing so. The more that you fill up their value buckets, the happier they are, the more money they’ll spend, and they’ll become repeat customers.

People tend to go out to eat at restaurants that have an inviting atmosphere, guests are looking for restaurants that have a great vibe. Your employees play a major role in the vibe that is cultivated at your restaurant. Engaged staff members are happier at work and tend to provide better customer service. They’re also more accommodating and tending to customers’ needs.

These are 3 of the top reasons that customers go to restaurants. How would you say your restaurant ranks in regards to these 3 items?